Episode 96: The Rock-Umentary, Part 1: The Wrestler

Do you smell what The Fanboys are cookin’?! Is anyone bigger (literally or figuratively) than Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson? A career so big he gets TWO episodes!

In part 1, we talk about his WWF/WWE days. From his underwhelming debut as Rocky Maivia, his allegiance with The Nation of Domination, his career-making matches against Mankind, Triple H and Stone Cold, to his Hollywood Rock days. We discuss our favorite matches, why the People’s Elbow is so ridiculously great, why fans could not get enough of him, and so much more!

Stay tuned for part 2, when we talk about Dwayne Johnson: MOVIE SUPERSTAR. Only on the 2 Fanboys and a Filthy Casual podcast!

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