Dennis’s Monthly Pull: “Unnatural”

With so many comic book titles out there, it’s hard for casuals to enter a Comic Book store and pick up a new title.  Today is the start of a new monthly installment where I choose one new title, something that does not have 100 back issues to worry about and give you a brief introduction. My goal is to encourage you to pick up a new title and join the ranks of Comic Book fanboys everywhere.  I present to you “Dennis’ Monthly Pull.”

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Today’s comic book pull is an erotic fantasy comic by the Italian artist Mirka Andolfo.  Yup.  You read that right.  Not the Italian part… the erotic fantasy part.  Unnatural is set in an Orwellian world, populated with Anthropomorphic animals. Think sexy Zootopia.  In this world, who you can love is controlled by the government.  By the age of 25, animals are encouraged to be married with special treatment, in particular a favorable tax-exemption.


The Orwellian twist is that interspecies relationships are strictly forbidden.  Breaking this is punishable by death.  The Government is worried about continuing the species, broadcasting propaganda telling animals that it was unnatural to succumb to interspecies mating.


The Heroine of the story is a girl pig, Leslie, who is approaching her 25thbirthday.  She has been looking for love but has not found it. The closest thing she gets are erotic dreams that she has where she has a passionate relationship with a strange white wolf she has never met before.  Her best friends are worried about her, wanting what is best for her.

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Things turn for the worse when, on a government assigned date with another pig, she gets attacked by her date.  Now she is a wanted criminal being chased by a cult who wants her blood.  Yes…. That was unexpected, exactly why I am loving this series right now.  If Buffy the Vampire Slayer mated with Animal Farm, this would be their love child.


Check out Unnatural for yourself.  Be warned, there is some nudity so it is definitely NSFW.

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